About Oh Sew Bold

 Hiya! I'm Kay, the blow in from the states that's mad to get you sewing!  I want to show you that sewing is a valuable useful life skill that is attainable for all ages and genders.

My own sewing journey started with a machine I found next to a bin. It sat untouched in my hall for over a year, because sewing machines are intimidating! Especially a 50 year old abandoned one. 

I had no manual, no previous knowledge, and this was before Youtube was the immensely helpful place it is now. I taught myself through trial and error, and sheer stubbornness really.

Every knot, broken needle, and urge to throw your machine out the window... yeah. I've been there, too. Everyone else made it look so easy, it felt like there must've been something wrong with me!

The lessons I learned the hard way allow me to help you avoid those same problems, and teach you why they happen in the first place. It's all fixable, after all we're here to learn and have fun!

I want you to experience the peace and calm that a smooth sewing session allows. And as a mom of two boys, I know those moments can be few and far between. Mend those trousers, create something unique for your home, or tailor your wardrobe for your body, it all can be done at your sewing machine at home.

I settled down in beautiful Tramore over a decade ago, and have been teaching professionally since 2019.  I've helped children, teens, and adults gain skills and conquer their sewing machines in group, private, and virtual classes.

Wanna ditch the stress and finally proclaim 'Thanks, I made it!'? Check out the type of classes I offer below to get started!