The Oh Sew Bold Student Christmas Markets are going ahead!

I hope you will join us on December 3rd & 10th for the Oh Sew Bold's student Christmas market. Our students will be displaying their skills and creativity while earning their own pocket money.


Here are some answers to questions you may have

What is it?

The Oh Sew Student Market Day is an opportunity for students to sell their makes made in or outside the studio. Students will be able to stretch their sewing muscles at home, and practise starting and finishing projects on their own. They'll also dip their toes into entrepreneurship to earn 100% of their profits.

When and where is it?

We will be joining the Tramore Community Christmas Markets on the Tramore GAA grounds ( X91 XD99) on December 3rd & 10th.  The Market will run each Sunday from 11am to 3pm. Please note that we will be outside in the elements so it will be vital that students wrap up nice and toasty!

How much is it?

I will be covering the cost of the market stall and there is no fee for  students to the participate. However, any supplies for their projects would by provided by the student. 

Does my child HAVE to do it?

Participation is 100% voluntary, and not required. Whoever can make it will be welcome. And if your child isn't selling but around on the day, I'm sure their classmates would love to see them. Providing they keep to this rule I've heard once before, "Can no one buy all my stuff and then sell it for a higher price, please?!" 

If your family is away at the time, don't worry, there may be another opportunity in the future. Depending on the success and interest there may be an option run another market in 2024. 

 My child would like to join, but we don't own a sewing machine!

At the moment, the sewing machines are in use for most of the week but perhaps we can find a way to get your child some extra hours with the sewing machine. Give me a shout. 

What sort of things should my child make?

The world is their oyster, really. Things we have done in class may be simpler, but as long as they can manage, whatever sewing crafts they would like to sell and have the supplies for. I do ask that the finishing is neat and tidy and that they do their best. It is much easier to sell 3 perfect small items than 50 hastily done ones!

As it is a Christmas market, the focus should be on smaller items and perhaps 1 to 2 larger ones. Many people at this time of year will be buying lots of small gifts, and they'll be looking for ways to get more for less.

I have a Pinterest page with lots of free projects and sewing patterns. The 'Kids CAN sew this, too' board is where I have put some suitable projects for younger and newer students. 

Themes to consider for small items:

   Waterford GAA colours, blue & white - key chains, lanyards, scrunchies, santa hat

   Christmas themed items: decorations/ stockings/ santa hats

   Tote bags

   Makeup removing/applying fleece headbands

   Baby items - Burp clothes, bibs, soother clips 
   Pets -bandanas, collar ties and bow ties, collars

How can parents help?

Your support at home is paramount in this. That can be checking in on their progress, helping to come up with ideas or helping to organise their pieces, (or playdates with sewing friends).  You're also welcome to channel your inner Kay by circling them holding a seam ripper while humming the Jaws tune... but that may be more fun for you than helpful!

Volunteers during the market day would be a huge help! If it is your child's first market, they may be nervous and want you nearby anyhow. However, if any parents can spare a hour or two to help with things like toilet run escorts, math and change giving, and keeping an eye when things are busy it would be hugely appreciated. (I know Sundays are a busy family day, so no pressure!)

If anyone has any market tips  please shout! I am all ears as I would love for this to be a great experience for everyone. 


Also, please share with your social media, friends and family. Let them know about it and so they can show support for the students by sharing it further and coming along to say hi.

How does my child sign up?

Just send an email to and I will keep you in the loop regarding any updates. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Chat soon!